Family, Friends and Traditions

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Family, Friends and Traditions

As the holiday season quickly approaches all thoughts turn to family. I’m blessed to have a wonderful nuclear family in the form of my amazing husband and two awesome sons. It’s difficult for me to believe that after high school and during the college years, getting married and starting a family was not something that I thought I would ever do.  I’m so grateful that God knows me far better than I know myself and in His infinite wisdom He blessed me with my three guys.  

I did not have great role models growing up when it came to marriage. My parents separated, but never divorced. My mom was this super phenomenal woman whom I still miss daily. And believe me, she and I had our share of disagreements, but at the end of the day she was still my mother and always in my corner. Children need to always feel like their parents will show up for them and mom did that in spades. My dad was an okay guy and as I have gotten older, I have tried to see him in a clearer light. My dad was far from perfect. He was a lousy husband, but for the most part he was a decent dad.

Charles and I have tried to instill in our sons a sense of who we are as a couple and how we all fit into this fantastic family that God has blessed us with. This includes uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends who are more like family. I’m blessed to still have the privilege of getting together with my siblings throughout the year. When we get together either at the beach or in the mountains over a huge country breakfast or a game of miniature golf, I feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the times that we still have together. I can imagine the smile on mom’s face as she looks down from heaven (you did good mom).

Keeping in line with the traditions of family, I was asked to submit a recipe along with a story for consideration in an eBook cookbook. I decided to go with what I lovingly call “Grandma Hattie’s Christmas Soup.”  Nothing beats a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day as loved ones gather around the table to share stories, fellowship, love and laughter.

Check out the cookbook link below and look for my recipe on page 73.

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