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Make It a Wonderful Life Together

We have been blessed with thirty-two years of an awesome marriage. For those that are not married or those struggling in their marriage, allow me to tell you that having a successful marriage takes work and commitment. You can’t just say “I do” and then stop doing everything that made you a couple.

Once the ceremony is over, real life begins. You are now living with a person 24/7 and those little imperfections that perhaps you tried to hide while dating can no longer stay under-wraps. Perhaps your partner squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom and you prefer to squeeze it from the top, maybe they snore or perhaps cannot balance the budget. Some fixes are so simple that people overlook them. If the toothpaste thing is an issue, buy two – his and hers. Snoring? no problem, most people that snore (unless there is a medical problem) can simply readjust their sleeping position (i.e. try sleeping on your side, or stomach or back and see if that resolves the problem). If you are better at balancing the budget than your spouse, then do it. Otherwise have separate checking accounts. Agree on who will pay which bills.  Remember the love and respect that you promised to show? Well now it’s your time to live up to those words. Marriage vows should also include the line “Be patient with one another.”

You have to learn to embrace your differences, appreciate a good compromise, stop trying to have the last word and always keep in mind that this is the person you chose. Marriage is such a special gift and it should be treated as such. Go out on dates, dance and sing around the house. Those activities that you enjoyed doing while dating, continue to do them. Schedule time to enjoy each other, listen to your partner, and pray with and for your partner.

Enjoy the journey that the two of you have embarked on together!