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The loss of an Icon


I grew up in an era when there was nothing better than listening to great music. My generation had some of the most iconic music personalities; Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince, just to name a few. Soul Train was my show of choice on Saturday mornings with American Bandstand coming in a close second. Those shows taught me an appreciation for music of all genres from a little funk, to rock and roll, soul to hip-hop.

My heart is saddened at the loss of Prince. From his outrageous performances to his heartfelt ballads. When he sung The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, every girl just knew he was singing that song just for her. He made us all believe that we were beautiful and that the inner beauty was equally as important as the outer beauty.

Prince was an amazingly gifted and talented performer. He will forever live on in our hearts and the awesome lyrics that he left behind will have us driving along in our Little Red Corvette while we Party like its 1999 and just allow the Purple Rain guide us.

He said that life was just a party and parties were not meant to last. Rest in peace!  

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Second Chances

My first book, Second Chances, was actually drafted while in college. I think for most writers, certain personality traits of your characters are taken from family, friends and those that you interact with. I met some amazing young women while in college and some of those friendships have endured the test of time.

In Second Chances, the reader is introduced to four friends; Brigette, Luanne, Genia and Carrie. These young women forged a relationship while in college that extends far past their time together in the institution of higher learning. They have diverse personalities and a spirit that drives them to want to succeed despite some obstacles such as loss loves, abuse, and personal demons. These ladies develop a bond that allows them to lean on and learn from one another.

Like in Second Chances, I have some amazing girlfriends who have seen me through some tough times and vice versa. The bond of sisterhood is such an amazing bond – one that should never be taken for granted.


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