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It Takes Three

Any successful marriage takes three. You, your partner and God. And when I say that God needs to be a part of your marriage it’s because a successful marriage has to have some common ground and our faith is a big part of who we are. When you think about the entire concept behind marriage, you are taking two people from diverse backgrounds and putting them together under one roof and telling them to now make this thing called “marriage” work. What are your core beliefs? It helps to not have vastly different opinions on God. So many people confuse God with organized religion. In some cases and with some churches, they have done more to turn people away from Jesus than to draw them closer. Don’t make the mistake of confusing an edifice with God. Read your Bible and develop a good prayer life. If you are in a good Bible-based church – that’s fantastic, but don’t allow the absence of a building to deter you from a relationship with God. God is anywhere you are and He wants to have a loving relationship with you and to help you on this journey called marriage. One of many amazing gifts that He has provided for us is the ability to have a loving and supportive relationship with Him and with others.