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Why Chicken Soup for the Soul

In my opinion, why Chicken Soup for the Soul has been so successful?

I tend to believe that most people like to read inspirational stories. The kind of story where you can connect and relate to those individuals involved. That is the gift that Chicken Soup for the Soul has given to the world. We get enough doom and gloom from the news every day. But, with Chicken Soup, those stories take the time to remind us that there are ordinary people in the world that face challenges which can be humorous, heartwarming, and even tragic and yet they are able to overcome those situations with perseverance, love, support, and courage.

The stories, people, situations and pets in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series make us feel good about just having another day of life. As Rare Earth sung “I just want to celebrate another day of livin’. I just want to celebrate another day of life,” that is the gift that Chicken Soup for the Soul has given to its numerous readers.

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My husband and I had the opportunity to watch a wonderful Hallmark movie starring Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan entitled Second Chances. As I have a book with the same title – I had high hopes for the movie and I was not disappointed.

The movie was about firemen and their motto of 2N – which means two fireman go in, stay together, come out together and should the worse happen (God forbid; die together – so no one dies alone).

So I started to think that marriage (a great marriage) should be like that. Once you find (hopefully) your soulmate (yes, I believe in soulmates), the two of you start off on a journey together, you stay together through the good times and the difficult times (there will be difficult times). But, no one cuts and runs at the first sign of a disagreement or adversity.

I’ve heard some people say that a marriage license should be like a driver’s license, renewable every seven years. Seriously, marriage is not like driving a car – marriage is a commitment to love and honor that person for the rest of your life and should be taken seriously. Marriage is an institution ordained and blessed by God. There are no short cuts, you do the work and you reap the benefits. The work includes, honest and open communications without accusations or escalated voices and compromise (yes, that is a real thing and not just a word in the dictionary). You have to acknowledge that your partner is not always wrong and (gasp) you are not always right. Try new things together, be spontaneous, do the little things and enjoy this journey called marriage. Every day is a new opportunity for you to learn something different about your partner. Charles and I are still learning things about each other after 31 years of marriage. How wonderful is that?

Is there a possibility that some marry the wrong person before fully understanding and appreciating what love is and how wonderful a lasting relationship can be? Absolutely! How do you know the difference? For me, my wonderful husband and I started off as friends and that friendship blossomed to love (I think he knew long before I did – considering the first time he asked me to marry him I thought he was kidding). Kiddos to him for asking a second time! My husband is the person that I look for when I’m happy, sad, frustrated or just plain mad. A warm smile from him can brighten my darkest day (okay now I just sound sappy).

Anyway, a great marriage should have that 2N mentality.

Until next time – be inspired to love and enjoy this journey called life!