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The Shack; Worth a visit

  I personally believe that in a lot of cases organized religion has done more to turn people away from God than anything else. People tend to view the church as God and that could not be further from the truth. Charles and I are blessed to be a part of an amazing church one

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Make It a Wonderful Life Together

We have been blessed with thirty-two years of an awesome marriage. For those that are not married or those struggling in their marriage, allow me to tell you that having a successful marriage takes work and commitment. You can’t just say “I do” and then stop doing everything that made you a couple. Once the

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Family, Friends and Traditions

As the holiday season quickly approaches all thoughts turn to family. I’m blessed to have a wonderful nuclear family in the form of my amazing husband and two awesome sons. It’s difficult for me to believe that after high school and during the college years, getting married and starting a family was not something that

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